The Amputees and Families Support Group Qld Inc. (AFSGQ) is a Queensland network of amputees and their families, providing peer support and advice throughout the transition from pre-amputation to amputee.

The AFSGQ is a network of amputees, their families and carers with first hand experience off the effects of amputation; wanting to support and encourage other amputees from pre-amputation through to rehabilitation and beyond.The group was started in 1984 by a dedicated band of amputees who felt alone and isolated when they first lost their limb(s), trying to accept and integrate the changes in their personal, professional and recreational lives.

How we can help:

AFSGQ Members care and understand that you’re about to go through changes in your life – which at times may appear difficult and overwhelming.

AFSGQ provides a range of services and activities for individuals, families and the wider amputee community.

We provide:

  • Information relevant to limb loss
  • Home and hospital visits (see Peer Support)
  • Social outings (see Events)
  • Short-term accommodation for country families while loved ones are in hospital
  • Links to amputee support services
  • Short-term loan equipment for new amputees (see Medical Aids)

We also:

  • Lobby the government for better services
  • Provide education materials on medical aids and equipment


Medical Aids Local Support Groups
Social Activities Peer Support
Non-Clinical Counselling