Peer Support

A Peer Support worker is someone that has had a similar experience to you; they are available to provide information and emotional support as your journey to recovering stability and independence begins.

Peer Support workers participate in ongoing training and evaluation to ensure you receive the most professional and up to date assistance available through the Amputees & Families Support Group Qld Inc (AFSGQ) programs.

The Peer Support Program is at the core of what AFSG does best!

Limb loss produces many varying emotional and physical experiences. These experiences such as fear, shock, anger, sadness, shame, sleep disorder, agitation, phantom pain (a form of neuropathic pain) are normal, as the mind and body adapts to the change.

As experienced Peer Support Volunteers our mission is to listen; the transition to amputee affects everyone differently.

Our role is to offer practical techniques to help achieve the least restrictive alternative in moving forward with your life.

These techniques help in time to regain your independence, confidence and self-esteem, as well as understanding and maintaining social inclusion.

Through the AFSG Peer Support network, we can connect you with someone that has had similar experiences.

By talking to one of our Peer Support Volunteers you will get advice, inspiration, encouragement and answers to some of the questions you have about the changes happening to your body. Your rights, privacy and dignity are and will be respected at all times.

If requested, our peer support system is available to you, providing:

  • Home and Hospital Visitation
  • Pre and Post Amputation Visitation
  • Family Support

When you are ready we are here – for you and your family.